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DME Academy, Sarasota is a player-first club which means that we understand that your athlete & their success is the most important thing. We believe that it is our job to serve you and your athlete. That said, we have put certain policies and procedures in place to help the club function more effectively. Additionally, we bring in resources off the field to make us all better. Explore the resource center below.

Cant Miss Education For Parents, Players and Fans

6 Steps to Being a More Inspiring and Empowering Youth Soccer Parent

Join Skye, the Founder of Soccer Parenting for an exclusive on our newly launched program for youth soccer parents and learn all about:

In this hour-long, live webinar Skye covers:

Challenges of being a sports parent today
- Essential things parents must know and learn more about
- Steps to collaborating with your coach and club
- What trust in youth sports looks like

How To Be A Better Soccer Parent by U.S. Youth Soccer

Let's actually help our atheltes play better and have more fun in the process. "A player’s attention may be drawn to his or her hyper parent yelling instructions or making a scene from the sideline. While parents’ actions may simply be the result of wanting the best for their child, their behavior can have a negative effect on their young athlete’s enjoyment of the game."


Our Conflict/Resolution


Here is how to properly bring something to the attention of the club leadership team. Please allow the proper amount of time to allow emotions to cool down. We will leave that up to you to decide what is the proper amount of time, but if this is game related, we ask for 24 hours after the game ends. Fill out this form so that we can best triage and educate our internal team.