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In partnership with Tideline Sports Performance & Rehabilitation, DME Academy, Sarasota is introducing a new off-the-field injury recovery and prevention program for the athletes of our community. This program will help DME athletes (when in need) end pain and build resistance specific to soccer performance.

Led by Dr. Michael Sclafani, our athletes get the best of the best in the area when it comes to sports injuries and recovery plans. He has advanced training and experience in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedics and is one of only two board-certified Sports Clinical Specialists in the area. After graduating from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Cincinnati, he completed a prestigious sports medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Sclafani also works with the Sarasota Paradise and is a key player in helping athletes recover quickly, safely, and stronger.

DME Athletes save 20% off regular price rates

DME Coaches save 50% off regular price rates

DME Family Members save 10% off regular price rates

Schedule An Initial Consultation

There is nothing more frustrating than having a pain, ache, or injury slow you down in the gym or with any other aspect of your life. It can be tempting to assume that temporary rest or ignoring the problem will spontaneously resolve the issue, but oftentimes this impairment persists and can negatively impact your lifestyle and quality of life.

An Initial Consultation includes:

A comprehensive assessment and movement screen analysis

Education regarding contributing factors to your symptoms

Dry needling

Joint mobilizations/manipulations

Cupping/myofascial decompression

Soft tissue interventions

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilizations (sometimes called “graston”)


A home exercise program designed specifically for your needs

Each Initial Consultation is 60 minutes in duration with one-on-one service.

Benefits of Working With Tideline

Understanding Root Cause 

At Home Exercise Plans

Added Mobility & Strength 

Injury Education 

Meet Our Rehab & Recovery Team

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Dr. Michael Sclafani

Founder and Owner


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Brandon Christ

Manager & Coach



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