Training Pool Program

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Training the DME way will set up your athlete for success. We focus on the fundamentals of the game specific to technical training. The first 45 minutes of each session across every age group and gender is tailored to improving touch via the right number of contacts on the ball. We are not a warm-up and scrimmage environment and our training pool program is no different.

If your athlete missed the cut, missed tryouts, or isn't happy with their team placement at local soccer clubs, consider this unique opportunity where development is guaranteed. We train 2x a week, open up guest play opportunities within our program and network, and work to advance your athlete.

Session Outlook

Upon assessments, we create improvement plans for each training pool player with the goal of them advancing in our program.

The program is set to run from August - April of 2024/25 and is delivered in a team training environment focused on technical work 2x per week. 

Benefits of Training Pool Program

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