Introducing The Club To Club Collaborative

 The youth soccer landscape is challenging to say the least. Club wars, field battles, "taking our players", league politics, etc... As an industry, we have lost sight of what is important. Until now.

DME Academy and our partners below believe that what is really important is developing committed and talented student-athletes that want to experience the world through soccer and collaboration. Period.

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Clubs Collaborating


What does this mean for the players?

Access to more...


Scrimmages and Friendlies

Teams looking for more competition can get it via the club to club collaborative. Less cost, better competition, more action.

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International Trips

Teaming up will help us field more competitive teams over seas. For those looking for more, now we can work together to field strong teams. DME Nationals is a program lead by DME which brings teams on a yearly trip abroad to compete.

Guest Play

It's a long season and injuries happen. Players may simply need another level of play, we collaborate together to bring those opportunities to all athletes in our network!

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Trainings & Practices

Sometimes we just need bodies and practice numbers to improve as a team. Clubs can book time to work through needs in a collaborative way with other teams in their area.

From The Leaders....

"Collaboration between soccer clubs enhances player development through shared training resources, increased competitive opportunities, and exposure to diverse playing styles. It also provides clear progression pathways, international experience, and valuable networking, contributing to both athletic and personal growth. We are happy to be a part of an initiative like this. When adults work together (and get out of the way), the players benefit greatly."

Rob Morton

Orlando City Soccer School - Lake Nona 

"Club collaboration goes beyond mere teamwork; it's about opening doors to a world of opportunities for players and families. Together, we create a platform for exploration and collaboration with other exceptional programs worldwide. Our mission is to support as many families as possible, and with the invaluable assistance of other outstanding programs, we make this endeavor even smoother."

Jose Valencia


"We love bringing new ideas to the table for the benefit of our players. Any chance we can get them on the field more and exposure to the next level we will do it. We look forward to the Northern Ireland Super Cup trip with DME in 25!"

Sean Hart 

St. Charles FC 

"By working together, we open up more opportunities for the players. That is the sole intent of this initiative and with good intentions come good results."

Jared Antista 

DME Academy, Sarasota 

"Soccer and experiences should be at the forefront for our players. Joining a collaborative network of like-minded people allows for more opportunities for players. The game is about the players and the opportunities that we can provide them. There should be no politics, badges or blocked off pathways that deny players access to playing the game they love."

Mark Cassidy

The Football Academy President

"Collaboration creates opportunities and new pathways for success in instances where they may not otherwise arise. 

It creates opportunities for greater player development, greater exposure for the players and the clubs they are from and provides valuable networking experiences. 

I look forward to this initiative and have no doubt that new and exciting things will unfold for all involved.”

Raymond Leveridge 

Owner/Total Football Academy

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