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For athletes aged 7-19

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Competitive & Committed Culture

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We demand focused, competitive, and committed participation from our soccer athletes and their families. This doesn’t mean that your athlete has to be the best. It does mean that they are willing to work to be the best version of themselves.

At DME Academy Sarasota:

We practice to win and we play to win.

We expect our soccer athletes and their families to share that vision when it comes to their development.

We are committed to growth, the game, and each other. No exceptions.

Our Program's Curriculum

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A good curriculum educates players and families on the expectations of our program and what they can expect from us in terms of training, gameplay, and commitment level needed. It shares insights into our style of play & principles of play so that alignment is achieved. Because soccer is fluid and ever-changing, we must be flexible and adaptable to situations. Our coaches adapt in training and games to achieve success, but our core principles and style remain intact. Here is a quick look at what you can expect next year!

We also train all summer long, 2-3 times per week - included in club fees! 

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Other Elements Of Our Program

Included in club fees

Coaching Philosophy

What makes a good coach?

At DME Sarasota, a good coach is someone that motivates your athlete through observant, knowledgable, positive, firm, and clear communication.

Coaching is more than one coach spending a few hours a week on the field with your athlete in a group setting. We get to know your child as a player and a person, on and off the field. Understanding their athletic goals, unique soccer skill sets & weaknesses and personality types allow us to develop them as players and leaders.

DME Sarasota brings a wealth of A- licensed coaches to the table, but it’s a lot more than that to us. Simply put, we build confident, well-rounded, tactically sound, hard-working players.

In addition to team training, we also introduce small-group coaching and technical skill training as a part of our core curriculum to hone in, reward, and correct elements of their game. We know you’re all paying for those personal lessons on the side. If at any point, you believe that your athlete needs additional training beyond our efforts at DME, we’ve failed you as a program.

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Style of Play

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Style of play - possession with high press elements.

We counterattack when the game allows, but focus on fast-paced possession to unbalance the opposition and expose opportunities to penetrate. Our coaches and teams apply different tactics based on the level of play and game situations. While our goal is to imprint our style of play on the opposition, sometimes our teams will be more direct or more pragmatic in approach.

Our biggest strength is adaptability and educating our players on how to read the game. We are opportunistic - all teams work to play a high level of possession. With multiple players around the ball, they are encouraged to regain possession in the attacking half, through high pressure, and then and then attack open space with pace and numbers.

- Technical dominance/repetition
- Tactical awareness
- Finding open space with the goal of possession
- Unbalancing teams through patterns of play

- Attacking goal with numbers and speed

Player Pathways & Opportunities

High school student-athletes that desire to play soccer on a more full-time basis have the option of attending DME Academy, in Daytona playing for Todd Eason and Thales Peterson. Our national team, undefeated in year one is highly-skilled and plays a national circuit of top programs. 

Through a strategic partnership with The International Development Academy, we can provide playing and educational opportunities for spring athletes internationally. We offer individualized pathways for determined student-athletes of all levels and boast 3 all-inclusive academy experiences around the world in Spain, England, and Italy.

College Placement Services

Showcase Event (DME Campus): 

In January 2025, we'll host an intimate showcase for 06/07/08 soccer athletes (male) in Daytona. This 8-12 team showcase will allow our athletes and selected clubs access to dozens of college coaches recruiting for their programs. DME Sarasota will have a team entered into the event (for FREE) as a value addition for club members.

Online Webinars:

Throughout the year, we're inviting a variety of our soccer relationships to share their insights with our athletes. We'll host Zoom Webinars and on occasion, in-person functions to get your athlete ready for the next level. See the current lineup for 23/24 already here.

Player Pages:

Each player at DME Academy will receive a player page on the website to house their contact information, socials, video footage/highlights, and get-to-know sections. This web page will act as a central repository for their soccer story.

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Colleges Featured in 2023/24

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