DME Brings On The 1% Club To Lead Team Mindset Performance Program


One more day. One more battle. 1% better.

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The 1% Club program is a meticulously crafted methodology, composed of key elements that empower participants to become their best selves:


  1. Vision and Goals: Define your aspirations and create a vivid vision for guidance.
  2. Mindset Mastery: Embrace positive affirmations, visualization, and mindfulness.
  3. Daily Tasks: Cultivate positive habits through focused daily actions.
  4. Accountability: Track progress and engage in regular check-ins for support.
  5. Personal Coaching: Tailored sessions to address your unique needs and goals.
  6. Community Connection: Thrive within a supportive network of like-minded individuals.
  7. Review and Adapt: Periodic reviews ensure a personalized and evolving approach.
  8. Continuous Growth: We stay updated to provide cutting-edge techniques. Our methodology accelerates growth by nurturing mindset, habit formation, and accountability. Join us in revolutionizing your game, mindset, and life. Unveil your true potential with the 1% Club—your transformative journey awaits.

Meet Coach Thales

Head Coach DME National High School Team

Thales Peterson's journey is a testament to resilience and growth. Arriving in the US with bold aspirations, he faced numerous hurdles but turned them into opportunities for transformation. As a coach, he's achieved remarkable success, guiding teams from grassroots to professional levels. Now a mentor, Thales continues his journey of self-improvement, embodying the ethos of the 1% Club: relentless pursuit of excellence. Embrace Thales's story and join him in unlocking your potential, both on and off the field.


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