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DME - Sarasota

DME Academy, Sarasota caters to dedicated players & families who are passionate about soccer and eager to experience the world through the sport.

DME Academy, Sarasota is changing the youth soccer game in Southwest Florida. We are building the next generation of aspiring soccer athletes who share a passion for development and a common trait of true commitment. Male & female athletes, aged 7-18 are welcome to join our academy which kicks off in early May and runs throughout the year.

With a unique training model, a community of like-minded & invested families, and player pathways that exist - DME Sarasota Soccer is on the rise.




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Competitive Athletes
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The Juice - June 1 & 2, 2024

The Juice Soccer Tournament - Jan 6 & 7, 2025

With a different tournament approach, brackets of 8 teams, and double-elimination, we do things with a little Florida twist. 

Why We




Coaching Matters

DME Sarasota brings a wealth of A- licensed coaches to the table, but it’s a lot more than that to us. Simply put, we build confident, well-rounded, tactically sound, hard-working players. 

Competitive & Committed


Competitive & Committed Culture

We are committed to growth, the game, and each other. No exceptions.



Our Curriculum

We offer the right mix of technical, team, and off-the-field training to develop your committed athlete. 

Clear & Consistent


Clear & Consistent Communication

Our team is here to serve you. You are the customer and we value an open line of communication to make sure that your athlete succeeds in our environment. 

Find Your Fit


No Club Politics

No club hostage situations. Find your fit. 

What Parents Say About Us

DME Sarasota has created a welcomed change to the local soccer scene. Teaming up with the area's best coaches and paired with high intensity training has given my daughter a new outlook on competitive soccer!

Christina S


The landscape of youth soccer and especially young girl's soccer is full of mediocrity. Players are not challenged or held accountable. Technical coaching usually misses 1 or 2 of the main coaching points. Worst of all, players are often praised when they play at 60% speed.

This is not DME. Players are empowered with the important technical details to play at speed and are held accountable to each other. They are taught how to win and given the skills (mental, physical, tactical & technical) that will be the foundation of their future success

DME Coaches don't coach to who the players are, they coach to who the players can be creating an athlete that dominates their competition.

Scott & Melanie M


DME has provided a pathway for dedicated players/parents to participate in both local Florida and out-of-state competitive tournament experiences and supplemental training. The DME solution acts as a wrap-around to traditional club soccer. For our U10/11 girls, these added experiences over the past several months have been beneficial for player growth and development, particularly in the off-season.
Whether it is Maine, Orlando, or Lakewood Ranch, DME has established a culture of winning. I find that the kid's feedback is one of the best barometers of success. My report back to DME is to keep up the good work.

Peter R


DME is the perfect supplement to our daughter's competitive team training. The coaches are all in-not only when it comes to competing, but also when striking the perfect balance of fun too with things like team outings and even customized warm-up music that each player hand selected.  You feel part of something pretty special.

Alicia K


Although we are part of a competitive club, DME has allowed our players the opportunity to train and play at a higher level. The coaches are dedicated to player development both on and off the field. We feel very fortunate to be part of the DME family.

Dan & Jolene S


DME has been instrumental in allowing athletes to shine while still teaching them every aspect of the game. The coaches push players to be their very best while motivating them along the way. Very unique academy!

Kendra B


DME creates teams with the right mix of talent to maximize winning potential. It has been a great program to be a part of, coaches are always motivating players and provide detailed post-game recaps!

Jenny M


Jared and DME have shown dedication to our team that goes above and beyond. Bianca has learned so much more than a regular coach in a regular season. Just tough enough to excel to maximum potential - which is such an art in coaching youth!

Tricia A


Having you both (Jared & Scott) as coaches is a matter of privilege for us. You are unique motivators and we are proud to say that thanks to you; every girl on our team is a true team player.

Yaneth H


DME is a wonderful program run by coaches who truly love what they do! It has strengthened both my son's and daughter's physical capabilities, including endurance and technical training. It also has increased their soccer IQ and passion for the sport. DME has been great for our soccer family!

Amber & Darryl P


DME practices are always packed with non-stop action and technical depth.  Each coach has given confidence and encouragement to our athletes in their ability to play the game the right way. Both of our girls have improved significantly. The culture DME has created is unlike any other soccer club environment, it’s next level!


Regina S

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