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In partnership with Vance Performance, DME Academy, Sarasota is introducing a new off-the-field performance training program for the athletes of our community. This performance training program will focus on functional training and include elements of speed, agility, balance, mobility, and core strengthening specifically for soccer players.

Led by Trevor Vance, this program helps DME Sarasota athletes reach new levels of success and further separate themselves from the local soccer club environment.

Session Breakdown

Each session is broken down by age category and limited to 20 training spots per session.

The program is set to run August - April of 2024/25 and is delivered in a team training environment focused on strength, speed, agility, quickness, balance and core work.

Benefits of Performance Training For Athletes 

Improve Your Recovery Times

Increased Cognitive Function

Increased Results in Minimal Time

Improve Your Coordination and Balance

Analysis of Fitness Status Variations of Under-16 Soccer Players Over a Season and Their Relationships With Maturational Status and Training Load

Meet our Performance Team

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Trevor Vance

Vance Performance is a private sports performance training center that caters to athletes & individuals looking to improve their performance and results. We do not just workout, we train for a purpose! Our training programs are not a "one size fits all approach". While understanding that all athletes needs are different, our training approach is tailored to each individual specifically.  With years of experience in the field, having worked with all levels of athletes from Super Bowl champions in the NFL, MLB Allstar & World Series champions, professional tennis & Golf, NCAA male/female athletes of all sports, thousands of high school athletes, "weekend warriors", all the way down to a youth's first day in the gym.


Training Location