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DME Academy To Offer Academics Fall Of 24/25 In Sarasota

March 4, 2024

In under a year, DME Academy, Sarasota has expanded to 15 competitive teams featuring 265 skilled athletes. Our early development/rec program has attracted over 100 families. Additionally, we’ve secured invitations to prestigious leagues like the Elite Academy League for boys and the DPL Open for girls. Excitingly, we’re launching our first Academic program catering to dedicated student-athletes seeking more opportunities.

Through a strategic partnership with 212° International Academy, our hybrid educational model features the use of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) with in-person teachers/learning aides to guide students through the material.

Students will thrive in a supportive learning ecosystem where mentors will coach students to use success strategies learned through course content and apply that learning to real-life experiences.

Courses are taught in a digital lab environment via online course activities but feature face-to-face instruction. Our hybrid model has learning mentors/educators on hand to help students practice effective learning strategies, troubleshoot, and collaborate as needed.

We believe that a commitment to sports training provides student-athletes with the tools needed to succeed in life. Our affiliated academic programs will ensure that your student-athlete has flexibility between academic and athletic programs to succeed at both.

Collaboration and understanding between academic and athletic expectations are key to success. Through organized, structured, and focused scheduling we can offer the best of both worlds with time management as the key driver of development. Friction exists in standard educational models, at DME Academy, powered by 212° Academy, we welcome the dreams of students and athletes and see value in pursuing both avenues to creating well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.