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DME Academy, Sarasota Promotes John Taylor to Assistant Director of Coaching

February 20, 2024

John Taylor (JT) has been helping DME Academy, Sarasota for much of the 23/24 season. It’s his relentless passion for the game and roll-up-sleeves mentality that drives results both on and off the field of play for the Academy.

Recently, he joined the New College Men’s Soccer Program (NAIA) as an Assistant Coach and is digging in even more at DME in 24/25 assisting Glodi Konga with the Coaching Leadership responsibilities.

“Youth soccer is an emotional place, and JT’s ability to read the situation, analyze, and act cool & calm – often finding acceptable solutions for all parties is one of the main reasons we’re investing in his growth. He lives for soccer. He studies the game, tactics, and coaching methodologies – and can bring that knowledge to the age group he’s working with! He also loves the DME Vision and is always willing to lend a helping hand to coaches and players.” says, Jared Antista, Owner

JT has been playing soccer since he was 5, played at IMG Academy, and even participated in pro trials in France for Ligue 1 teams. His coaching repertoire spans numerous local clubs, ages, and genders -showcasing his ability to adapt across the board. At DME Academy, JT will also coach two teams (TBD) and use his soccer and social skill sets to bring out the best in that team’s performance and development.

“I have learned most of life’s lessons with a ball at my feet,” JT reflects, highlighting the influence soccer has had on his personal growth. With a commitment to nurturing not just soccer skills, but also the character and integrity of his players, JT’s mission transcends the boundaries of the game. He takes immense pride in witnessing his players evolve, both as athletes and as individuals, instilling in them values that extend far beyond the pitch.

“I love what DME is doing, I love the player’s commitment level here and can’t wait to see what we accomplish next season. With Glodi, Jared, The DME Daytona Team (Thales, Kioki & Todd), and all the great coaches we have in the system, we’re onto something pretty magical here!” says, JT

Stay tuned for more staff updates soon!