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DME Boarding Camp – Another Huge Success

June 18, 2024

Another successful DME Summer Boarding Camp has come to a close, marking a significant achievement for over 40 aspiring athletes from DME Academy Sarasota. This dedicated group embarked on a transformative week-long journey at the flagship campus of DME Academy in Daytona, immersing themselves in a wide array of enriching experiences. From rigorous on-field sessions with DME coaches and specialized futsal sessions to intensive speed and performance training, every aspect of DME’s comprehensive program was on full display.

Beyond the physical training, athletes also delved into crucial mindset development sessions aimed at enhancing their mental resilience and strategic prowess related to the tactics of the game. Amidst the structured routines, the atmosphere was vibrant with camaraderie and excitement, fostering a sense of community among participants. Even the ping pong games got competitive!

Highlighting the diverse offerings of the camp, athletes enjoyed a memorable training session on the sands of one of the world’s most renowned beaches, adding a unique dimension to their overall experience. Laughter and enjoyment were abundant, underscoring the blend of hard work and fun that defined the camp’s reputation.

As the camp concluded, participants departed with not only enhanced skills and fitness but also with lasting memories and strengthened bonds, ready to carry forward the lessons learned into their athletic pursuits. The DME Summer Camp once again proved to be a pivotal event in shaping the future of these young athletes, leaving a lasting impact on their journey towards excellence and the best part is that Sarasota athletes continue to access the larger umbrella that DME provides at affordable rates. No club can offer this type of experience in our market, especially at the price!

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Don’t take our word for it though, here is what parents and players had to say:

“Well organized, energetic camp with great communication from the staff and coaches. DME provided my athlete with the tools to develop and suceed not only physically, but also mentally and socially for his upcoming season. An overall GREAT experience.” Jennifer Gibbons, Parent of Nick

“Adi returned from livin her best life at DME Academy in Daytona for the last 5 days. Fun, friends, and futsal… She is already making plans to attend next year. Forever thankful for the true pathways at DME Academy, Sarasota (and the tireless efforts of Jared and Paula) and the soccer mama’s (Liz and Yaneth) who kept a close eye on my girl.” Nina Sexton, Parent of Adi

“A big thank you to everyone who helped with camp this week. Jove had a great time.” Amanda, Parent of Jove

“Thank you for making this summer camp a truly unforgettable experience. For all the fun, learning and more!!! Thanks for taking care of our kids.” Ofelia, Parent of Gabriel and Sebastian

“Thank you for everything! It sounds like they had an amazing week!” Missy, Parent of Colin

“Tom had a blast, very happy with his camp! Thank you for organizing it.” Valerie, Parent of Tom