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SRQ Acupuncture and Massage Sponsors DME Academy’s 2010 Black Team: Supporting Youth Development

June 27, 2024

SRQ Acupuncture and Massage proudly announces its sponsorship of the DME Academy’s 2010 Black team for the 24/25 season. This partnership signifies more than just financial support; it represents a commitment to nurturing young athletes and promoting holistic wellness within our community and we couldn’t be more proud if the arrangement!

Empowering Young Athletes

DME Academy has established itself quickly as the top soccer club in Southwest Florida, providing young athletes with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. The 2010 Black team comprised of talented players from diverse backgrounds, embodies the spirit of dedication and sportsmanship that defines the academy’s mission. The team finished in the top 14 in the Elite Academy League this year representing our division in St. Louis this June. Next years team looks even stronger.

SRQ Acupuncture and Massage’s decision to sponsor the 2010 Black team underscores their belief in the power of sports to transform lives. By investing in these young athletes, they are not only supporting their athletic pursuits but also fostering personal growth, discipline, and leadership skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

A Commitment to Holistic Wellness

Beyond athletics, SRQ Acupuncture and Massage promotes holistic wellness practices. Acupuncture, massage therapy, and other holistic treatments offered by SRQ Acupuncture and Massage play a crucial role in enhancing recovery, reducing injuries, and promoting overall well-being for the Sarasota Community.

“We are thrilled to support the DME Academy’s 2010 Black team,” said Dr. Angie, founder of SRQ Acupuncture and Massage. “Our practice believes in the importance of holistic health and wellness, and we see this sponsorship as an opportunity to contribute to the development of these young athletes.”

Looking Ahead

The partnership between SRQ Acupuncture and Massage and the DME Academy’s 2010 Black team serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can make a meaningful impact on their communities. As we cheer on the 2010 Black team throughout their season, let us also celebrate the spirit of collaboration and community that makes Sarasota such a special place to live and grow. Be on the lookout for the custom training shirt powered by SRQ Acupuncture and Massage next season!

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