Welcome Message From Acting Director Of Soccer Thales Peterson

May 16, 2023

Head National Team Coach & Acting Director of Coaching for Sarasota, Thales Peterson gives us a one-minute update for DME Sarasota athletes that joined the crew for the ’23/’24 season.

The DME one-night, two-day overnight experience for DME athletes only has 5 seats remaining on the bus up to Daytona. For only $115, athletes 10-18 will get a ride up to Daytona on the branded bus, all meals, three training sessions, and experience an overnight soccer camp- living like an FT student-athlete.

The June 4-10 DME Boarding Camp has 25 Sarasota athletes already signed up and will boast an all-inclusive training experience with DME Daytona staffers. Sarasota athletes save 60% off a 1,200 camp price. Friday is the last day to reserve your spot.

Summer soccer schedule is ready and uploaded to DME Spond channels for all Sarasota athletes- be sure to join the Spond Communication App!