HeadCheck Health Is Now Available For FREE To DME Academy Athletes

September 8, 2023

DME Academy, Sarasota continues to add more off-the-field services and products to its roster for the benefit of our competitive athletes. HeadCheck Health is an all-in-one concussion app platform designed to help organizations when it comes to concussion planning, monitoring, and protection. HeadCheck Health is already working with large organizations in the professional and amateur sports world including New Jersey Youth Soccer, California State Soccer Association, the CFL USA Cycling, and more.

So what is HeadCheck Health and how does it work?

This modern, easy-to-use app helps guide non-medical staff through concussion action plans and injury reports without having to rely on outdated, paper-based methods. Policies and protocols are constantly evolving — support your volunteers and coaches with tools that can keep up.

  • Built for amateur associations and teams
  • Reduces the burden on volunteers and keeps athletes safe
  • Provides real-time updates on an injured athlete’s eligibility to return to play

What do DME Athletes and families get? Peace of mind…

  • Pre and Post-Game Checks
  • Autofilled Injury Report Forms
  • Eligibility Dashboard
  • Medical Clearance Forms and E-Signatures
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Guardian Access

Watch this video to learn more!


“This initiative is important to me personally. Having had many concussions myself, seeing my 10-year-old daughter get one already, and knowing that there are so many unknowns when it comes to head injuries I want to protect our athletes as best as I can.  Working with HeadCheck is just one piece of the puzzle but an important one. DME will continue to go above and beyond for our athletes with value adds for our community and I can’t wait to roll this out with the teams this Fall!” Says, Jared Antista, Co-Founder at DME Academy, Sarasota