DME Academy, Sarasota Weekly Recap 9/4 – 9/10

September 11, 2023

DME Academy is actively involved in both soccer-related activities and initiatives beyond the field. Here’s a recap of the key highlights from the last seven days!

  1. Guest Speaker/Webinar: DME Academy hosted former collegiate coach Bret Simon, who shared insights into scholarships, roster sizes by division, and valuable tips for the recruiting process. Brett emphasized the importance of body language, teamwork, handling adversity, and visit preparation in player evaluations. The webinar and presentation from Bret Simon were shared through Spond, for the benefit of players and parents interested in the recruitment process.
  2. Soccer Matches (Boys): DME Academy’s teams participated in Elite Academy League play. The 2010 boys’ team secured the club’s first EA victory, while there were competitive and close games all around. Orlando City Lake Nona claimed a club vs. club win. The teams improved their performance on Sunday, with multiple victories and a notable goal difference of 19 to 3 against All in Academy from Georgia by the 2010, 2008, and 2005/06 boys teams! The 2009 boys lost 3-1 and the 2011 boys lost 5-0.
  3. On the Girls’ Side: The girls’ teams, including the 2014/15 and 2010/11 squads, also had successful matches, winning convincingly against Florida Premier. The 2014/15 girls won 4-0 and the 2010/11, featuring key 2012 players won 5-1.
  4. Partnership Announcement: DME Academy Sarasota announced a partnership with HeadCheck Health, a platform focused on concussion protocols and head safety monitoring for youth organizations. This highlights the academy’s commitment to player safety.
  5. High School National Team (Daytona): The high school national team secured a victory against Lakeland United FC, giving Coach Thales Peterson his first win as head coach.
  6. Professional Player Trial: Player Diomandé traveled to England for a trial with Bournemouth in the Premier League, indicating the academy’s ability to provide opportunities for its players at a higher level.
  7. Upcoming Events: We have exciting news for the next week, including a tournament powered by DME Academy and the announcement of unique partnerships with other organizations in the area.

DME Academy, Sarasota’s dedication to developing soccer talent, providing educational resources for players and parents, and ensuring the safety of its athletes through partnerships like HeadCheck Health. It’s an exciting time for the academy, with both on-field successes and off-field initiatives in the works.