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DME Academy Girls Program To Compete in DPL Open in 24/25

March 13, 2024
DME Academy, Sarasota has been accepted into the DPL Open, a national platform for girls.
This opens up exposure events for DME girls’ teams to participate in showcases and national championships in 24/25 without the local league commitments during the season. Our girls’ teams aged U13-U18 (born between 2007 and 2012) will collaborate with DME Daytona and take over the Open in 24/25.
“Our commitment to growing the girls game in Sarasota is just getting started and this is one piece of the puzzle. Between the launch of DME Nationals, the DPL Open participation, and some exciting things (we can’t share just yet) in the pipeline, 24/25 will be a killer year for girls’ soccer in our area. The days of traveling 1.5 hours north to get exposure and competition are over. We are the future.” Says, Assistant Director of Coaching John Taylor