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Sponsor Alert- Tonio Paternostro – From Remax

September 13, 2023

In the realm of Sarasota soccer, few names resonate as deeply as Tonio Paternostro’s. With an A-licensed coaching certification and a storied history of technical skill development, Tonio’s influence on the beautiful game is undeniable. What sets him apart, however, is not just his coaching prowess but his unwavering commitment to raising the bar for soccer training in the Sarasota area. As a guest coach at DME Academy, Sarasota, Tonio has not only invested his time but also his invaluable support, making a significant impact on the local soccer community.

Going Beyond the Field

Tonio’s support for DME Academy goes far beyond the training sessions he’ll offer at DME this year. His decision to sponsor the club showcases his genuine love for the game and his belief in the need for top-tier soccer training in the Sarasota region. His investment, both in terms of time and financial support, is a testament to his commitment to the growth and development of local athletes.

Jared Antista, Co-Owner of DME Academy, Sarasota, expressed his gratitude for Tonio’s contributions, saying, “I’ve gotten to know Tonio over the past two years. My kids frequent his private training, and we align on so many things when it comes to improving the soccer options in our area. Thank you, Tonio, for all that you do for us.”

The Complete Package

Tonio Paternostro’s dedication to excellence isn’t limited to the soccer field alone. As a long-time resident of the Sarasota area, Tonio’s expertise extends to real estate. If you’re in the market for a new home or considering selling yours, Tonio’s relentless and persistent work ethic carries over into his role as a real estate professional. Few can match the commitment and diligence he brings to helping clients achieve their goals, whether they’re searching for the perfect home or looking to make a successful sale.

Tonio’s unique blend of passion for soccer and dedication to serving his community has left an indelible mark on Sarasota. His involvement with DME Academy not only elevates the quality of soccer training but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes and coaches alike.

In conclusion, Tonio Paternostro is a true soccer luminary, both on and off the field. Please explore his website here!