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DME Partners Up With Sarasota Spartans

April 30, 2023

DME Academy, Sarasota is pleased to announce a partnership with Kai Haaskivi and the Sarasota Spartans Soccer Club. Kai has a long history of soccer success as both a professional player and coach and has been embedded in the soccer scene in our area for decades. The Spartans are an FYSA-affiliated soccer club with teams at the youth level.

“I have an interest in developing and coaching the younger age groups as well as helping younger coaches amplify their coaching. I’m excited about what DME is doing for the athletes in our area in terms of pathways.” Says, Kai Haaskivi, President of The Sarasota Spartans

What does this mean for Spartan athletes?

The Spartan athletes can now feel part of a larger and growing organization with more resources and personnel support. Spartan players will reap the benefit of:

  • Discounted DME camp options (much like DME athletes receive)
  • Player Pages on the DME website, with Spartan co-branding
  • Access to DME mental training and college coaching webinar series
  • Access to social media/player training webinars

What does this mean for DME athletes?

  • DME teams have the opportunity to participate in FYSA-based leagues and competitionunder the agreement
  • Access to Kai as a soccer coach, and leader and his connections in the professional, collegiate, and international ranks

“Kai is a legend of the game and a great person. His playing and coaching experience make him valuable to the community and his interest in giving back to the younger age groups and setting them on their journey in the right way is the real value to DME.” – Jared Antista

As final details emerge, we will update this post over the coming weeks.

The future is bright with collaboration.