From The Ashes The 2015 and 2011 Boys Rose – Sarasota Cup Champs

April 22, 2024

The season is long. It can feel even longer when losing (growing) is part of the equation. Some teams come out swinging and find instant success, many DME teams did that this year, however, two teams had to fight for success. We have so many great stories to share this year, so many BIG wins, amazing experiences of comebacks and dominating victories but the two trophies from this past weekend sums up everything youth sports should be about.

The 2015 boys and 2011 boys shared a similar story this season. They lost a lot over the games but for the boys that stuck it out, persevered, trained harder and kept lacing up the cleats each weekend, the prize was even sweeter.

The 2015 Boys jumped out with two quick victories in a bracket of six teams but had to square off in game three with the only other undefeated team. They lost 3-1 but still made the final later that afternoon. In the final, anything is possible and the boys came out swinging, jumping out to a 1-0 lead. The game ended in a tie and went to PK’s where the DME boys brought it home with many great shots – this was their first and only trophy of the year.

The 2011 Boys had to battle all year in a tough league. They did not win a game even though the games all improved and signs of life were there. These boys flat out dominated this weekend, going 4-0 and winning an 8 team competition with a ton of goal scoring and offensive play.

Congratulations boys and coaches, we are proud of your commitment and passion for the game. The future is bright at DME and we remain focused on creating a winning culture that fosters perseverance and the will the succeed.