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Kick Off Party Success At DME Academy, Sarasota

August 21, 2023

August in Florida can be tough to plan outdoor activities around. Rain, sun, rain sun, it’s a rinse-and-repeat storyline. On Sunday, August 20th, DME Academy, Sarasota hosted its first annual club kick-off party at Village Green Golf Club in Sarasota. (THANK YOU, Sean and Erin). With more than 300 people in attendance, even the rain could not slow us down.

“I love what the Sarasota team is doing down here. The on-the-field success is great but the all-for-one culture off the field is the key to our growth, the growth of the kids, and our impact on the community. What a great day for DME.” says, Co-Owner of DME Academy, Dan Panaggio

On-site, the club brought in local food vendors including Carousel’s Icery, Purple Bol, Curuvian LLC, So Many Moments Photography, inflatable companies, and guest speakers.

Special guest Vince Malts, from Evolving Athletes spoke to the athletes regarding the impact and role of mental performance on their lives. During the year, Vince will be meeting monthly with the teams and coaches to work on team unity, fear of failure, managing success and effort levels, and building confidence and character for all athletes at DME.

With fun and games for the kids, fundraising opportunities for the teams, and a lot of socializing and smiles, this event set the tone for the upcoming season.

“We are just getting started and my message to the club was simple, I won’t stop until I think your kids have the best opportunities and resources available to them to help them develop as leaders on and off the field of play.” Jared Antista, C0-Owner DME Academy, Sarasota

Do you have FOMO? It’s ok, we welcome all committed and passionate families and players that want something above “just good enough soccer”.