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Scrimmage Series Showdown (2012/2013 Girls)

December 27, 2023

On January 5th- 7th, 2024, top teams aged 2012 and 2013 are gathering for a scrimmage series showdown, hosted by DME Academy, Sarasota. These friendly scrimmages are geared to prepare the Florida teams for the upcoming Dimitri Cup and our friends from New England, for their competitive spring season.

2012 teams participating:

DME Academy, Sarasota 2012 girls

These girls continue to pick up steam both in player recruitment and performance victories. Ranked in the top ten in Florida, (and previous number one) the girls now sit at 33-6-1 over the past 40 games. Their biggest win of late was a 2-0 win over FC Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Surf Cup in Spain.

Rhode Island Surf

The number one team in Rhode Island is traveling down to get in some games with top Florida teams. DME and RI Surf created a close club-t0-club relationship, (especially with this age group), dating back to last summer when DME traveled to Rhode Island to play in the Fathers Day Tournament. Packed with skill, great coaching, and competitive spirit the girls here ball out and always put up a great game. Many of the girls represent Surf Select on the national side of the program.

West Florida Flames

Ranked number one in Florida, this team is a quality side with a great coach. This team is fundamentally sound and packed with high-skill players. There is no better game at the moment. Squaring off with this team in preparation for the coveted Dimitri Cup title marks a great opportunity.

North Manatee Mutiny is a club on the rise and this team has the fight that all teams desire. With a few new pieces in 23, a great coach, and speed on the wings- they always put up a good fight.

2013 teams participating:

Rhode Island Surf 2013, West Florida Flames 20123

“We’ve been dying to set up this “scrimmage series” type of event and plan to go big on this in the future. If we truly want our players to improve, teams need to stop shying away from good competition. DME is a club that welcomes competition and we will always square off with teams in our area and beyond, regardless of the outcome. You only win through adversity and Coach Scott and I believe that playing the best makes you the best. Our doors are open.” Jared Antista

Interested in playing us? Contact us here and we will gladly accommodate that challenge!