USL Academy Cup & Club To Club Support

January 23, 2024

The USL Academy Cup is set to kick off in Tampa, this March 14th – 17th.

The event features 3 group-stage matches between clubs in the same age group and division, followed by a Championship/Final match or Placement match on the final day, depending on the club’s standings. All matches provide meaningful competition against clubs outside of your regional area maximizing exposure and experiences.

As part of our club-to-club relationship with FC. St Charles, a few DME athletes were selected by Sean Hart, the Director of Coaching to assist in their gameplay.

Players selected:

GK  – Lucas Diaz 09

F/M – Robbie Motroni  10

LB – Adriel Clas 10

CB – Carter Kinne 09

RW – Wesley Antista 10
F – Gadsden Mann 11
M – Zac Johnson  11

More players may be added soon as well based on roster finalization and positional needs.

“I had the chance to watch these two age groups play during the Elite Academy Showcase in Lakewood Ranch and the truth is, both teams have a lot of talent! We had to find specific fits for this event based on who would be traveling from Missouri to Florida for a second trip this season. Lucas Diaz is a phenomenal goalie with a big reach. He is agile and a leader. Lucas Turasz owns the central midfield with poise and vision. Adriel Clas is a fighter and aggressive defender which fits with my scheme. Carter Kinne impressed me with his soccer IQ and positioning and Wes Antista brings speed to the wing for me. I can’t wait to add them to the mix with my boys and see how they perform.” Sean Hart

“The DME boys will prioritize DME scheduling but assist Sean and St. Charles as best we can. We are happy to bring this and many more opportunities to the table through this relationship which culminates with a 2010 trip to Ireland this summer. This is great for the boys to play with and against top talent.” John Taylor, Coach Manager

*Stay tuned for roster updates as we get closer to the date as more DME athletes may be called in for support.