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DME Academy, Sarasota Triumphs in the Monster Mash Soccer Tournament

October 31, 2023

The Monster Mash Soccer Tournament, powered by Florida Soccer School, provided a Halloween stage for soccer enthusiasts and supporters in Tampa this past weekend. The event brought together six competitive teams from DME Academy, each vying to raise the trophy on Sunday. Among them, DME Academy, Sarasota, saw two of their talented squads emerge victorious, underlining their dominance in youth soccer.

2012 Girls: Unstoppable Force

The 2012 Girls from DME Academy, Sarasota, went undefeated throughout the tournament. With a remarkable goal difference of 12 goals for and just 3 against, they captured the championship, marking their third trophy victory of the year.

This winning streak is no accident, as the team’s overall record since August is now sitting at 17 wins, 1 draw, and only 2 losses. Their commitment to growth and pursuit of success have allowed them to gain momentum and emerge as a true force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of youth soccer.

Coach Scott praised the dedication of the 2012 Girls, emphasizing their unwavering teamwork and the spirit of continuous improvement. With such a strong foundation, the team is well on their way to even greater achievements.

2013 Boys: Rising Stars

The 2013 Boys from DME Academy, Sarasota, delivered an impressive performance, going 4-0 in the tournament and securing the championship. Their remarkable journey, marked by hard work and teamwork, is a testament to their potential and ambition.

Coach Konrad commended the resilience of the 2013 Boys, highlighting their dedication to the game and their ability to thrive under pressure. Their victory in the Monster Mash Soccer Tournament is just one of many steps in their journey to success.

A Glimpse into the Future

The triumph of both the 2012 Girls and the 2013 Boys is indicative of DME Academy, Sarasota’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering teamwork, and driving excellence in youth soccer. These victories mark the beginning of a promising season for both teams, and they are poised to make significant strides forward. DME Academy, Sarasota, remains a powerhouse in youth soccer, and our successes in the Monster Mash Soccer Tournament serve as a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within the youth of our community. These young athletes are not just winning titles; they are forging a legacy of excellence and determination for the future.