DME Academy Takes On The Monster Mash Tournament In Tampa

October 27, 2023

Many teams from the Academy will be back in action this weekend mixing fun with their competitive nature as they tackle the Monster Mash Tournament, powered by Florida Soccer School.

This Halloween-themed thriller features, spooky Halloween Music, candy for the players, international walk-outs, beautiful fields & playing surfaces, costume contests, individual & team awards, night games under the lights, photo opportunities,  tournament t-shirt available, and most of all Halloween FUN!!

Fred Dikranian, the architect behind the Monster Mash Soccer Tournament deserves special recognition for his dedication to providing quality experiences for athletes and coaches in the soccer world. His meticulous planning and execution have made it one of the most anticipated soccer tournaments in the Tampa area. Fred understands the essence of creating an environment that brings together the spirit of competition and the joy of playing the game we all love.

“We love tournaments here at DME and trust Fred in his ability to deliver a safe, professional, and engaging experience for our athletes. While we value competition greatly, it’s also OK to have some fun in the process. This is youth sports after all 😁. Go get them DME and enjoy your weekend.” – Jared Antista, Owner of DME Academy.

DME Academy Sarasota is no stranger to showcasing its soccer skills in tournament action, and the Monster Mash Soccer Tournament provides an excellent platform for our talented athletes to do just that. Good luck to the many teams in action this weekend and make us proud!