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DME Academy & Surf Soccer Continue To Evolve Relationship

May 13, 2024

DME Academy has teamed up with Surf Soccer to bring more opportunities to the table for our athletes in Sarasota in 24/25. The relationship kicked off in 2021 and continues to strengthen across locations and from an opportunities perspective for all athletes.

Here’s a look back at our relationship and how we’ll grow the relationship in 24/25.

June 2021

Surf Soccer brings their Surf Select National Pool for the 08/09/10 agree groups to DME in Daytona for a week-long, all-inclusive training experience. This kickstarted the relationship for our organizations and set the tone for athletes who expect and demand more. Here is a recap article announcing the partnership (way back in 2021).

June 2023

DME Academy, 2012 girls travel to Rhode Island Surf, for Rhode Island Surf’s Fathers Day Tournament. The girls took home top prize after two wins over Surf’s #1 team in Rhode Island but created a bond between athletes.

“Their team is very talented and well coached. Aleksej Skundric, Girls Director and Co-Owner of Rhode Island Surf and Coach of the 2012 girls has become a friend and helped further our relationship between these great organizations. Despite our distance, we find ways to offer the girls unique experiences together.” Jared Antista

Additionally, a handful of DME boys guest played with New England Surf teams at the same tournament. Tommaso Trevisan, Co-Owner at New England Surf invited the boys to jump in for added games and exposure and it was well received and appreciated.

November 23

DME Academy teams travel to Spain and set up friendly with Surf Select to prepare for the Surf Cup International in Spain. The teams supported each other as fans when competing against international competition.

January 24

Rhode Island Surf brings down 2012 and 2013 girls to compete in DME’s Scrimmage Series. Escaping, the cold weather in NH, the Surf Girls girls traveled down from New England for competitive games and some sun in the fun.

What’s coming up: 

  • DME travels to Surf’s Copa Sol 2024 tournament in June.
  • Surf athletes are welcome to enjoy the 60% off DME Boarding Camp in June. Price is normally $1,499, $699 for DME and Surf athletes.
  • Surf teams to attend to 08 & 07/06 college showcase in Daytona next January.
  • Pilot Vacation Guest Playing Program – Families that vacation in partner areas have an open-door training and guest play opportunity between clubs. RI/NE/FL

“We love partnering with DME as we share the same vision of creating opportunities to see the world through soccer and we both provide competitive teams to challenge the other! It’s a great collaboration and we look forward to going deeper with them in coming years.” – Aleksej Skundric, Surf Rhode Island