DME Fit Has A New & Improved Look For 2024/25 Season

May 17, 2024

DME Academy, Sarasota has made a BIG move regarding off-the-field training. Next season, we’ll introduce Trevor Vance & Vance Performance to our athletes as part of a subsidized fitness program for athletes of DME. Trevor and his team will focus on transferring weight room efforts to sport, thus increasing speed, agility, & performance on the soccer pitch. All teams (at various cadences based on age group) will have access to Trevor here in Sarasota next season. Via a mix of outdoor and indoor training, our committed athletes will see big gains in their sharpness and performance in competition via this program.

“Trevor is seriously one of the best trainers in this area. He’s built a reputation for developing athletes and takes his craft very seriously. We can’t wait to offer his trainings to our community.” JT, Assistant Director of Coaching at DME

Learn more about DME Fit 2.0 here!

About Vance Performance:

Vance Performance is a private sports performance training center that caters to athletes & individuals looking to improve their performance and results. We do not just workout, we train for a purpose! Our training programs are not a “one size fits all approach”. While understanding that all athletes needs are different, our training approach is tailored to each individual specifically.  With years of experience in the field, having worked with all levels of athletes from Super Bowl champions in the NFL, MLB Allstar & World Series champions, professional tennis & Golf, NCAA male/female athletes of all sports, thousands of high school athletes, “weekend warriors”, all the way down to a youth’s first day in the gym.  Learn more or book 1v1 sessions here!

“I’m excited to get to work with the Academy. Committed and passionate players will thrive in my program and the results will speak for themselves on the field.” Trevor Vance, Owner Vance Performance