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Girls ID Clinic A Huge Success With 50+ In Attendance

April 16, 2024

On Friday, April 12th, DME Academy hosted its first ID Clinic for DME Nationals. More than 50 aspiring female soccer athletes joined us for a technical session with our staff. It was the first of a series of training sessions geared to identify athletes for our national pool. In partnership with DME in Daytona, St. Charles FC in Missouri, and other partner clubs in the Northeast, these teams will represent DME on international trips such as the Surf Cup Rome, in March of 2025.

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“There was some great talent out there on the field. From 2014-2007, we saw some girls step up and stand out. I like that. Girls’ soccer is taking a turn in Sarasota for the better that’s for sure.” says, Glodi Konga, Director of Coaching.

On-Site Staff Present:

Glodi Konga – DOC -UEFA B License

Scott Morgenroth – 2012 Coach – USSF A Lincense

Konrad Kozlowski – 2012/2009 Coach – USSF C Lincense

Jared Antista – GM and 2012 Coach

The next ID clinic will take place in late May so stay tuned for information!